Maical winter bloomers

The Helleborus Gold Collection® varieties are precious long-lived perennials that should not be missing in any garden. They are easy to care for, evergreen and fully hardy. Developing an upright habit, they form clumps of up to 1 m in diameter. First and foremost however, it is the unusual time at which they flower that makes these plants a must in any garden. They delight us with their wealth of flowers at a time when all round us nature still seems asleep. Some varieties start to flower as early as November, and will withstand even severe cold and snow. Others bloom in late winter and continue flowering well into spring. 

As well as using the long-lived perennials in the garden, the varieties in the Helleborus Gold Collection® are ideal for balconies, terraces and entrance areas. Combined with conifers, skimmias and other hardy evergreens, they beautifully decorate spaces that summer flowers would normally brighten up. 

The White Christmas® variety makes appealing floral decorations in living rooms and conservatories, especially during the pre-Christmas period. If placed indoors, the leafless plants should be put in a cool and light place.

Most hellebores do well as cut flowers in a vase if they are not placed in very warm spots, which means that you can decorate the house with fresh flowers from your own garden even in winter. You can improve the flowers' vase life by making incisions in the stems at the side.

We have compiled some inspiring ideas for you on how to use Christmas Roses, Lenten Roses and Snow Roses.