Hellebores can be propagated by division and seed. Dividing a plant yields fully identical plants. Propagation from seed, on the other hand, results in significant differences between the seedlings and the mother plants.


Christmas Roses and Lenten Roses can be propagated from seed. Snow Roses are sterile and do not produce any seed. It takes Christmas Roses and Lenten Roses approximately three years from seed to flower. 

Helleborus seeds

Helleborus in May


Only acaulescent (stemless) hellebore plants are suitable for division. Caulescent (stemmed) hellebores cannot be divided. Hellebores are best divided in early spring or autumn. Before lifting the plant with a spade or garden fork, tie the leaves together with a rope to avoid unnecessary damage to the plant. Subsequently, dig out the plant with as large a root ball as possible.

Using two garden forks has proven to be the method of choice for dividing hellebore plants, depending on rhizome size. Drive one fork into the plant's root ball centre. Then place the other fork right behind the first fork and move the forks carefully away from each other to divide the rhizome. If the plant is too small to be treated as described above, you can use a knife to carefully divide the rhizome. 

Plant each partial plant immediately so that they don't dry out. Also, remove any leaves that were damaged during the division process to avoid the plants being infested with diseases or populated by pests.