Planting and Care

Christmas Roses, Lenten Roses and Snow Roses from the Helleborus Gold Collection® are long-lived and robust perennials. They are easy to care for, evergreen and fully hardy. Developing an upright habit, they form clumps of up to 1 m in diameter. Planted in the right spot in your garden (see Tips for the garden) and given the little plant care they need, you will enjoy their flowers throughout the winter for years to come. You can also use Christmas Roses and Snow Roses to decorate your balcony or terrace during the winter.

Christmas Roses and Lenten Roses are propagated by division or seed. Choosing the right location is key to ensuring that the plant remains healthy. However, thanks to major progress in breeding over recent years, there are now hellebore varieties available that are virtually not susceptible to pests or diseases.