Snow Roses

HGC® Maestro®℗ in January

Snow Roses combine the positive qualities of their parents: the properties of the Christmas Rose and of Mediterranean Helleborus species such as the Corsican (Helleborus argutifolius) and the Balearic or blue-grey hellebore (Helleborus lividus), whose names indicate their provenance.

Their charming appeal and ability to withstand inclement winter weather come from the Christmas Rose. In the summer on the other hand, they benefit from their Mediterranean parents' ability to cope with the heat and the sun. They do well in any type of soil, and they also thrive in sunny spots.

A newcomer this year is Ice N' Roses® (Helleborus x glandorfensis), a very special Snow Rose beauty. Its masses of giant vivid red, pink and white blooms create a blaze of colour from December well into April.