Christmas Rose

HGC® Jonas℗

Virtually no other plant can compete with the legends and myths that have sprung up around the Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger). It is mentioned in the earliest tales told by man. In Europe, the early Teutons, for example, considered it to be a sacred flower.

In the Middle Ages, people ascribed all sorts of curative properties and magical powers to the plant.

It is native to the European Eastern Limestone Alps and one of the oldest cultivated plants we know.

Christmas Roses in the Helleborus Gold Collection® are fully hardy, low-care and very long-lived evergreen perennials. Withstanding cold spells and snow, the Christmas Rose varieties produce dazzling white flowers all winter long. The gorgeous winter bloomers are perfect for the garden as well as being used as a charming container plant on balconies and terraces. The White Christmas® variety is ideal for floral decorations in living rooms and conservatories.