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Defying cold spells and snow, Christmas Roses, Snow Roses and Lenten Roses delight the eye with their wealth of flowers in the midst of winter. The Helleborus Gold Collection® varieties are precious, durable perennials that should not be missing in any garden. They are hardy, easy to care for and evergreen. If planted in the right spot, these winter bloomers will last for decades and grow more beautiful and charming every year.

The Helleborus Gold Collection® includes only varieties that are especially robust and precious. These varieties have all passed strict selection criteria and trials conducted in various locations and climates over several years. They excel in key properties needed in garden plants such as longevity, robust plant health, and of course floriferousness.

The Helleborus Gold Collection® consists of the following three groups of varieties: 

-     the classic white Christmas Roses, which includes some varieties that start blooming as early as November;

-     the colourful Lenten Roses in the Spring Promise® series that flower in early spring. Some varieties, such as Spring Promise® Elly, are in bloom as early as December.

-     the robust, free-flowering Snow Roses , whose flowering season stretches from December to March. A newcomer is Ice N' Roses®, a very special Snow Rose beauty. Its masses of giant blooms in vivid red, pink and white create a blaze of colour from December until well into April.